5 Best Non-Stick Kadhai Options To Cook Healthy Meals


A kadhai is one of the most important utensils in any kitchen. It is used to prepare an array of recipes. From frying puris, pakoras and sauteeing veggies and meat to making curries – a kadhai can be used to cook almost anything. However, if you are someone who prefers healthier meals with less usage of oil then a non-stick kadhai is a must-have in the kitchen. Yes, you heard that right! Non-stick kadhai helps in making tasty meals without using oil or comparatively lesser oil so that you can have your favourite meal without any guilt.

So, if you are planning to buy a non-stick kadhai for your kitchen, we have some good options for you to choose from before making the best choice! Read on to know.

1. Carote Covered Braiser Kadhai

Strong and sturdy, this 5-layered granite-coated non-stick kadhai is deemed to be effective in cooking soup, salad and sweet dishes like malpua, halwa et al. Besides, it comes with a glass lid and wooden handles that makes it easy to use, hold and clean.

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2. Prestige Omega Select Kadhai

We have found another kadhai option with a glass lid for you. This kadhai is made with 3-layered metal spoon friendly coating which protects the surface of kadhai from scratches caused by the spoons while cooking. Try it today!

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3. Amazon Brand- Solimo Non-Stick Kadhai

Made from 100% virgin aluminium, this kadhai by Amazon’s brand- Solimo provides durability. In addition, it also has a glass lid that retains heat and keeps food warm for a long time. It is ideal for sauteing vegetables, making soups, curries etc.

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4. Hawkins Futura Deep Fry Pan

Sleek and compact, this kadhai can be a perfect addition to your modern kitchen. It comes with a stainless-steel cover lid that locks in the heat, air and flavour of the food. Not just that! It also features handles made with rosewood that makes it comfortable to use and hold.

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5. Cello Non-stick Hammered Tone Kadhai

Here’s another durable kadhai option for you. This kadhai by the brand Cello is also made with heavy gauge and pure virgin aluminium for higher efficiency during cooking. In addition, it is also deemed to be 100% flame proof.

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