5 Water Bottle Sets That Will Help You Stay Hydrated


Importance of water needs no introduction. It keeps us nourished, hydrated and helps maintain overall health. Plants need water, animals need water and so do humans. Health experts from around the world stress that drinking enough water may ward off several diseases. Hence, it is extremely necessary to keep water handy. What is the best way to store water? Of course, in water bottles! We have curated a list of water bottles that can be both stored in the fridge and carried to work.

Here Are 5 Water Bottle Sets To Keep In The Fridge:

1.Cello Venice Plastic Bottle Set

Cello’s combo set of multi-coloured and refrigerator-safe bottles for you. These bottles are unbreakable and deemed to contain an air-tight seal. This set of 5 bottles are hygienic and freezer safe.

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2.Amazon Brand – Solimo Plastic Fridge Bottle Set

Amazon Brand- Solimo’s combo set of 6 multi coloured bottles is perfect for regular use. They are made of Grade-1 high-quality plastic that is 100% food safe and BPA free. These bottles are freezer-safe, making them a great option for people who enjoy drinking cold water.

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3.Nayasa Plastic Water Bottle

Nayasa’s combo set features 6 BPA-free and multi-coloured bottles. These bottles have the capacity of storing 1-litre water. These food grade fridge bottles are made of PET material. Do not use these bottles to store hot liquids.

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4.Fimbria Water Bottles

Fimbria’s combo set features 6 water bottles, each with a 1-litre liquid storage capacity. These bottles are made of lightweight, BPA-free, high-quality plastic. It can be used by children as it can withstand heavy usage and falls.

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5.ZEYFLEEB Water Bottle Set

Zeyfleeb’s combo set of water bottles consists of 6 water bottles. These bottles are made of PET material that is Grade 1 high-quality food-grade plastic. It is 100% BPA free. You can store these bottles in the fridge and carry them to school or the office.

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