Activist Trolls Elon Musk By Projecting Messages On Twitter Headquarters

Activist Trolls Elon Musk By Projecting Messages On Twitter Headquarters

The video has amassed around 12.5 million views.

An activist has been trolling Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk in the most interesting manner. The activist has been projecting messages on the exterior wall of Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters. Video and pictures of the building with anti-musk messages have surfaced on the internet.

The caption of the video read, “Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters has gone hardcore tonight.” The video has amassed around 12.5 million views. 

Watch the video here:

Meanwhile, hundreds of employees resigned on Thursday ahead of the deadline for the new owner’s “ultimatum” to commit to a “hardcore” work environment, as per CNBC.

Salute emojis and farewell messages flooded the company’s internal chat groups as employees including engineers announced their exit a day after Musk issued his ultimatum.

Musk had issued his now notorious ultimatum a day before the resignations rolled in on Thursday. In a companywide email, the new owner asked employees to brace for long hours at “high intensity” adding that for Twitter to succeed “we will need to be extremely hardcore.”

The Tesla owner has claimed that since his $44 billion buyout last month, Twitter could face bankruptcy if it doesn’t start generating more cash. So far, Musk has told employees to prepare for 80-hour weeks, no free food and made several changes to the company’s work-from-home policy.

The New York Times (NYT) said in a report that after a 5 pm Thursday deadline was given by Musk to employees to choose whether to quit or stay on at Twitter, “hundreds of Twitter employees appeared to have decided to depart within three months of severance pay.” Twitter also announced through email that it would close “our office buildings” and disable employee badge access until Monday.

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