Adar Poonawalla’s Take On Booster Shots Against Omicron? Watch Video He Shared


Adar Poonawalla shared a video created by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Serum Institute of India chief Adar Poonawalla has shared a hilarious video in support of booster shots against the Omicron variant of Covid-19. Mr Poonawalla took to Twitter on Wednesday to share a clip from Home Alone – the 1990 Christmas classic in which eight-year-old Kevin McCallister defends his home against two burglars. 

The video, created by US-based Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, shows Kevin using a ‘vaccine’ to fight the two burglars, who have been labeled Delta and Omicron. While the vaccine manages to defeat the Delta variant, Kevin uses a bucket (labeled “booster” in the clip) to defeat Omicron. 

“What’s going on here!?” Mr Poonawalla wrote while sharing the hilarious recreation of Home Alone

The video has racked up over 1.2 lakh views on the microblogging platform, along with more than 5,500 ‘likes’. 

Earlier this month, Adar Poonawalla had said that the Serum Institute of India was working to develop a vaccine booster shot more effective against the Omicron strain. 

On the basis of enough data, it is safe to say that booster shots are a proven strategy to increase antibodies to a great extent, Mr Poonawalla said.

“The message for all – and a priority – is for everyone to get the two doses of the vaccine. That is the first step to stay protected. It is only after that one can enhance that safety with boosters over the next year. The focus of the government must remain to get everyone double vaccinated,” Mr Poonawalla had told NDTV last month.

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