All About Nargis Fakhri’s Latest 21-Day Water Fast Challenge


Actress Nargis Fakhri loves to keep fans updated with her food shenanigans. This time, the Rockstar performer has taken up the 21-day water fast challenge. In the latest Instagram Stories, she spoke about her plans to go ahead with this fast which is claimed to be a healthy way to detox the body. Nargis also added she prepped up before the first day of the water fasting. One of the notes reads, “There seem to be many health benefits when you fast.” She added, “Day 1- fresh fruit and veggies before starting the fast.” Then she also put up an informative tip reading, “Your body regenerates on a cellular level.” Take a look:


Nargis Fakhri also posted a snap of her last meal before the fast. It included whole plain potatoes, gravy and some other vibrant superfood. The meal was topped with coriander leaves. The caption read, “Way too much potato and no seasoning. Pretty sad final meal. This is my dinner and it’s 6.30 pm. I get nothing after this.” Take a look:


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For those uninitiated, water fasting is consuming only water for a limited period of time. This particular fasting has benefits like weight loss, releasing toxins and regulating blood pressure. However, it is advised to be observed under medical supervision or only after having a guided plan to avoid its adverse effects.

Earlier, Nargis Fakhri posted a picture of a delicious fruit platter that she devoured before embarking on the water fast. We can see colourful and healthy options including watermelon, blueberries, red berries, mint leaves and other fresh fruits.  After this, Nargis Fakhri went all green with the menu. We can spot, in the social media post, spinach, coriander and carrots placed like some burger fillings. She added, “Get your veggies.” Thus, the actress was always eating healthy even before embarking on her 21-day water fast.

Nargis Fakri is undoubtedly a foodie. But she is also an enthusiastic chef! Recently, the 41-year-old ticked off her wish of making pasta “from scratch.” She prepared this Italian delicacy while on her vacation to Bologna, Italy. Nargis cooked tortellini and tagliatelle pasta using the fresh ingredients available in the city. Nargis further asked all foodies to stop by the city if they want to enjoy the flavours of Italian cuisine.

Coming back to Nargis’ latest 21-day fast, make sure you check what suits your health before following the process. It is always a good idea to consult a qualified nutritionist or health expert before embarking on any fad diet.

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