Alligator Leaps Into Air And Catches A Drone Filming it, Video Amuses Internet


The video shows a drone flying very close to a waterbody

In the digital age, drones have become increasingly popular to get some pretty spectacular aerial photos and videos. Drone photography and videography have also become the perfect way to film wildlife. However, using a drone to capture wildlife can also lead to some untoward situations as filming animals in their natural surroundings can disturb them. In one such video, an alligator caught a drone mid-air when it was busy filming it.

The video shows a drone flying very close to a waterbody as the curious alligator can be seen following it around. The gator was probably disturbed by the noise coming from the drone. As the drone kept hovering around, the alligator suddenly jumped in the air and caught the drone in its mouth.

The video was shared on a Twitter account called How Things Work, with a caption that reads ”Using drones to capture wildlife video footage.”

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral, with more than 10 lakh views and more than 6000 retweets. Social media users were thoroughly amused by the video and poured a volley of hilarious comments. The video also sparked a debate online over drones being used to record wild animals.

One user wrote, ”That’s a hilarious video. I live the disgruntled look on the chimp’s face at the end.” Some were concerned that the gator got hurt by the drone’s blades. Reacting to the comment, ”No. The gator will be fine. Unless it actually tries to eat the drone. But those little blades wouldn’t even make the gator blink. Extremely tough hide.” A third said, ”It’s the natural order of life.”

Here are some other reactions:

Another comment read, ”Good. I hope the drone was expensive but it probably wasn’t. Using drones to harass wildlife is inappropriate. Illegal in some places and should be in most.”

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