At Pre-Wedding Shoot Of Bride And Groom, This Reptile Was The Highlight

At Pre-Wedding Shoot Of Bride And Groom, This Reptile Was The Highlight

The viral photoshoot has amassed over 5.5 lakh views.

All soon-to-be married couples try to do something out of the box to create lifelong memories of their happy day. Some try to dance to viral hits while others choose foreign exotic destinations for their wedding shoots. However, a bride and her groom held pre-wedding shoot, which is not being remembered for its process but something else. The shoot included a reptile and the internet cannot get enough of it. 

Internet user Vivekk took to Twitter to share the pictures from his pre-wedding shoot. The love story of the user and his partner is depicted through 30 photographs in the Twitter thread. The first photo shows the woman taking a stroll in the backyard of a house. While walking, she spots a snake and calls a snake rescuer for help. Two men come on a motorbike to help her. One of them rescues the snake away. The woman is left impressed by the man’s ability to capture the snake and then they exchange numbers. The two begin talking and then eventually fell in love. 

Since being shared on May 27, the thread has amassed over five lakh views and two thousand likes, along with numerous reactions from users. “Pre Wedding Photoshoot” reads the caption of the post along with a red heart emoji.

“Never seen before!” said a user along with laughing emojis.

“What the Hiss is this,” remarked another person.

A third user said, “OMG…. What a creativity. WOW”

“Future couples: how are you gonna compete with this? How are you gonna settle for something normal when you know a gold standard has been set?” said a user.

“I watched this entire thread while listening Ajab si by K.K,” said a person.

“Nagin Returns” added a user.

Another person said, “This is the best picture for ‘Happily ever after'”

“Just yesterday I read about some community banning pre wedding shoot…now I know why,” said a user. 

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