Ather Energy Announces Free Connect Pro Subscription For All Customers


The connectivity services will be free from November 15, 2021, to May 15, 2022, for all customers of the Ather 450, 450 Plus and the 450X. The company will also reimburse those customers who had already purchased the subscription plans.

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Customers could avail connectivity services via Ather Connect Lite or Connect Pro subscription plans

Bengaluru-based electric two-wheeler start-up Ather Energy has announced that the company will be making its connectivity features available free of cost for all 450, 450 Plus and 450X customers over the next six months. Tarun Mehta, co-founder, Ather Energy, announced the development in a series of tweets, as a gift to the customers on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. The connectivity services will be free from November 15 onwards. At present, Ather’s connectivity services can be purchased as subscription plans – Ather Connect Lite and Ather Connect Pro.

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Tarun Mehta tweeted, “Connectivity and EVs go hand in hand: something we have believed in from day 1. With the market growing at an unprecedented pace we are opening connectivity features on ALL

@atherenergy scooters free of cost for the next 6 months for our owners.”

“We have an ambitious plan of making the entire mobility exp hassle-free with Ather Connect – stitching everything from route planning, navigation, charging, servicing, & customization. Expect several changes as we improve quality, rebuild the UI and launch several new features,” he added further.

The Ather Connect Lite plan is priced at ₹ 400 for three months and includes onboard navigation and over-the-air (OTA) updates. Meanwhile, the Ather Connect Pro plan is priced at ₹ 700 for three months and adds ride statistics on the Ather smartphone app, remote location tracking, remote charge monitoring, and push location function from the app. While you can still use the scooter without opting for these services, you will not get access to riding data or OTA updates. However, with the services free, Ather wants its users to see the value in these, so customers will be willing to pay for the same at the end of the six-month period.


The connectivity services bring access to features like OTA updates, onboard navigation, riding statistics on the mobile app and more

While this will be great for new customers, Ather says it will reimburse existing customers who had already purchased subscription plans earlier. With acceptance for EVs finally gaining traction, the announcement sure comes as a boost for potential Ather customers, who were put off by the subscription plans.

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Furthermore, the company recently also announced the Ather Grid 2.0 charging infrastructure that offers better connectivity, OTA updates, faster bug fixes and more. The company is also actively working towards expanding its presence pan India and also establishing more fast-charging points.

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