Ayodhya Is Nothing Without Lord Ram: President Ram Nath Kovind


President Ram Nath Kovind said without Ram, Ayodhya is not Ayodhya.


Ayodhya is nothing without Lord Ram, President Ram Nath Kovind said on Sunday as he visited the city, where a Ram temple is under construction.

“Without Ram, Ayodhya is not Ayodhya. Ayodhya exists where there is Ram. Lord Ram resides permanently in this city, and hence in the true sense, this place is Ayodhya,” the president said while inaugurating a Ramayan conclave there.

He was also scheduled to visit the Ram Janmabhoomi construction site where the temple is coming up, after a historic verdict by the Supreme Court in 2019.

Apparently referring to his name, President Kovind said, “I feel that when my family members named me, they were possibly having the feeling of respect and affection towards Ram Katha and Lord Ram, which is seen in the common public.”

Elaborating further on Ayodhya, the President said, “The literal meaning of Ayodhya is the one with whom it is impossible to wage a war. Owing to the courage and power of Raghuvanshi kings Raghu, Dileep, Aj, Dashrath and Ram, their capital was considered unconquerable. Therefore, the name of this city as ‘Ayodhya’ will always remain relevant.”

Highlighting the love of Lord Ram towards tribals, he said, “During his days of exile, Lord Ram did not call armies of Ayodhya and Mithila to fight the war. He gathered the Kols, Bheels, Vaanars and formed his army. In his campaign, he included ‘Jatayu (vulture)’. He strengthened love and friendship with the tribals.”

A postal cover of the Ramayan conclave was also unveiled by the President on the occasion.

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