Bakri Eid 2021: From Kalmi Kebab To Kashmiri Halwa, Make These 7 Delicious Meals In Just 30 Minutes


Bakri Eid 2021 is right around the corner, and we are sure that you are super excited to indulge in the mutton dishes, kebabs, meethi seviyaan, sweet drinks and whatnot! After all, celebrating Eid and cooking a feast go hand-in-hand. But as you stand in the kitchen, with all the heat and masalas blowing on your face, you understand the struggles involved with cooking different dishes at once. And while you have to prepare all kinds of things for dinner, you also have to cook something for lunch. At this time, you always wish you had some extra pair of hands to help you out. But don’t worry, to make your work easier, today we bring you some recipes that will not only be a hit on your dining table, but you can make these recipes in just half an hour.

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Whether you are hosting an Eid party or having an intimate celebration with your family, these easy-to-make recipes will bring something new to your table, and even you will enjoy making them. So, let’s dive right into these recipes.

Bakri Eid 2021: Check Out These Easy Eid Recipes To Make In 30 Minutes

1. Murgh Bemisal

This chicken recipe is flavourful and will fill your kitchen with aroma in no time. It is cooked in a tandoor and is packed with masalas, herbs and butter. For the recipe for this yummy starter, click here.

This chicken recipe is flavourful

2. Kalmi Kebab

Who doesn’t love a good succulent kebab, especially when it’s served with green chutney and lachedar pyaaz?! The boneless chicken marinated with a bunch of spices and yoghurts gives an explosion of flavour in your mouth. And the best part about this dish is that you can cook it in just 20 minutes. Click here for the full recipe.


The boneless chicken marinated with a bunch of spices

3. Kukkad Jhol

The richness of Bengali food combined with the tempting Punjabi flavours is what makes this dish unique. Trust us, once you have this kukkad jhol, you won’t be able to stop yourself from licking your fingers. To indulge in the lip-smacking taste of this dish, see the recipe here.


Indulge in the lip-smacking taste

4. Kashmiri Halwa

As the name suggests, this halwa hails from Kashmir and makes an excellent last-minute dessert. Make with oats, milk, sugar and saffron. This dessert is oh so yummy and you can pair it with any roti, puri or paratha. See the full recipe here.


This halwa hails from Kashmir

5. Kesari Shrikhand

The thick and flavour shrikhand makes it a perfect dessert to end your meal with. This velvety sweet dish is popular in Gujarat and Maharashtra. You can make this easily at your house with minimum ingredients. For the full recipe, click here.


The thick and flavour shrikhand is super yummy

6. Tandoori Lamb Chops

This lamb chops recipe is cooked in a masaladar marinade of dahi and then cooked in a tandoor, giving it a smoky flavour. If you don’t have a tandoor, you can cook it on your everyday pans or oven. To give it a smoky flavour, burn a charcoal and cover the lamb chops with it for 5 minutes. Check out the full recipe here.


This lamb chops recipe is cooked in a masaladar marinade

7. Dates Barfi

This decadent and wholesome barfi is super easy to make and will be loved by people of all ages. The dates barfi is full with the goodness of various dry fruits that gives it a rich flavour. See the full recipe here.


This recipe is easy to make. (Image from Unsplash)

With these options, we are sure that now you have some easy cooking options on your hands. So, without spending much time, make these yummy recipes and let us know how you liked them!

Bakri Eid 2021 mubarak!

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