Bored Of Sabudana Khichdi? Try These 5 Sabudana Recipes For Your Vrat Instead


We have all kept a vrat (fast) at some point in our lives, and more than once sabudana khichdi has been the first option that came to our mind. Now although there isn’t a single soul who doesn’t love the scrumptious dish, it may get repetitive to have the same dish on all vrat days. The vrat food is usually sattvic food, minus onions and garlic, the two things that make the base of almost all Indian dishes. Now if you are fasting, or are thinking of doing so, don’t let the scarcity of good vrat food discourage you. Because if you can’t seem to look past plain and boring khichdi options, there are a number of mouth-watering dishes that can be made with sabudana which are flavourful, spicy, vrat approved and are surely going to be a hit.

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You can add or subtract ingredients according to your liking and make these mouth-watering sabudana recipes even when you are not on a vrat.

Here Are 5 Sabudana Recipes That You May Try:

1. Khasta Sabudana Ki Tikki :

This lip-smacking tikki tastes just like the regular one and you can pair it with mint chutney for that extra zing. This recipe uses potatoes, cashew nuts for some crunch and aamchur powder for that street-like taste. Read the full recipe here.

2. Sabudana Bhel :

If you thought you have to completely give up on street snacks this vrat season, think again because this sabudana bhel is just the crispy vrat snack that you won’t be able to get enough of. Loaded with crunchy nuts and potato fries, this evening snack will be ready in 10 minutes. Click here for the full recipe.

Use soft sabudana pearls to make this quirky evening snack

3. Sabudana kheer :

Since a lot of people avoid rice while on a vrat, this sabudana kheer is just the next best thing that we can think of. The starchy texture of sabudana makes for the creamiest kheer, add cardamom powder and some dried nuts to elevate the dish to the next level. For the detailed recipe, click here.

4. Sabudana Vada :

A breakfast or evening snack favourite, this can be easily made for your vrat cravings too. Avoid onions and garlic and us sendha namak instead, and the soft and crispy vadas are ready to be munched on. Read the full recipe here.

sabudana vada

Try this crunchy and flavourful evening snack, fit for your vat days

5. Sabudana seekh kebab :

The soft sabudana pearls mashed together with potatoes, grounded peanut powder and spicy masalas combined with the rich flavours of ghee, what’s not to love about this seekh kebab? Try this mouth-watering dish right now, with this recipe here.

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There you go, spice up your vrat menu with these easy and delicious sabudana snacks. Which one was your favourite; let us know in the comments below.

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