Brad Pitt To Keanu Reeves, AI Artist Imagines Hollywood Actors As Indian Monks

Brad Pitt To Keanu Reeves, AI Artist Imagines Hollywood Actors As Indian Monks

The artist revealed they created the pictures using AI application Midjourney.

Images generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been making waves on the internet and artists are using several AI tools to come up with fascinating results. Many artists are employing this technology to produce unique and unimaginable results, that instantly capture the internet’s attention. Now, an artist used an artificial intelligence program to reimagine famous Hollywood celebrities as Indian monks.

Taking to Instagram, user wild.trance shared a series of pictures that show what Hollywood actors, including Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith, would look like if they were Indian monks. The post also features Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford and Morgan Freeman. 

Take a look below: 

In the now-viral post, all celebrities are seen wearing saffron colour clothes with Hindu prayer beads. “In a hypothetical scenario where Hollywood celebrities become Indian monks, it would involve a significant transformation of their lifestyles, beliefs, and priorities. Here are some Aiarts of what this scenario might look like,” the caption of the post read. 

These AI-generated pictures have taken the internet by storm and left many users amazed. Since being shared six days ago, the post has amassed over 800 likes. Several users flooded the comment section with heart and clapping emojis. Some users even shared lovestruck emojis. 

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In the comment section, the original poster revealed that they created the pictures using an AI application called Midjourney. 

Meanwhile, speaking of AI images, previously, an Instagram post showing world leaders as “rockstars” had also gone viral on social media. In an Instagram post, artist Jyo John Mulloor posted a series of images showing world “legends”, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, showcasing their musical talents at the “World Leadership Music Concert”.

In the caption, Mr Mulloor revealed that he created the pictures using an AI application called Midjourney. The post also included images of former US Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and former Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

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