Cat Falls From 6th Floor And Crashes Into Car’s Window, Miraculously Survives

Cat Falls From 6th Floor And Crashes Into Car’s Window, Miraculously Survives

The cat had no life-threatening injuries.

A cat in Bangkok, Thailand, miraculously survived after falling from a six-story building and crashing into a car’s rear window parked below, Metroreported.

The owner of the car, Apiwat Toyothaka, shared a picture of the tomcat named Shifu and his car with a broken rear window on Facebook on May 27. He wrote, ”The condominium manager called me at 7 am and told me that a cat fell on my car. I was confused about the matter. It was just a cat falling on my car. However, that cat weighed 8.5 kilograms and broke the window of my car. Ok, I got it now.”

See the pictures here:

Notably, the cat had been walking along its owner’s balcony wall when it slipped and plunged from the sixth floor of a building on May 27. When the car owner was told about the incident, he reached the scene and found the rear windshield of his car shattered. He also saw the cat’s owner cradling it in her arms. 

The cat was then taken to the vet and found to have a few bruises, two broken claws, and a swollen nose – but no life-threatening injuries.

Meanwhile, the owner was fined 1,000 THB (around Rs 2,382) since the condominium she lives in has a strict no-pets policy.

Monruthai Klinsuk, who co-owns the car, told local media, ”The cat has now been relocated away from the owner’s residence. So please don’t say anything negative about her. It’s hard to care for cats and everything happened by accident. The cat owner has learned her lesson and is trying to help her pet lose weight.”

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