Classic Legends Kick-Starts Yezdi Brand On Social Media


The “Yezdi Forever” social media handle has been launched, as a first step towards re-launching the iconic motorcycle brand.

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Classic Legends launches “Yezdi Forever,” official Twitter handle of the Yezdi brand

Classic Legends Private Limited has launched the official social media handle of the Yezdi motorcycle brand, kick-starting the first step towards re-launching the iconic motorcycle brand. Classic Legends, which manufactures the new Jawa motorcycles, is getting ready to re-launch the Yezdi brand, possibly with the launch of two new motorcycle models, sometime in early 2022. Both the new Yezdi motorcycles will be based on existing Jawa platforms, and one of these bikes are expected to be an adventure touring model, while the other one is expected to be an urban scrambler.

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yezdi roadking

The new Yezdi Roadking will not have any resemblance to the old Roadking pictured above, but will be a completely new motorcycle, possibly an adventure or a scrambler model.

The Yezdi Forever social media handle is just the first step towards re-launching the iconic motorcycle brand. Classic Legends is owned by the Mahindra Group and even Anand Mahindra re-tweeted the new social media handle.

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The Yezdi brand is expected to be re-launched with two new models to start off with, a scrambler, and an adventure model which will rival the Royal Enfield Himalayan.

Several spy shots of two different motorcycles, both purported to be introduced under the new Yezdi brand name, had already revealed test mules of the bikes. Those spy shots revealed both an adventure-styled model, as well as an urban scrambler, and trademarks filings also had confirmed the Yezdi name and Yezdi Roadking brands. The trademark filings show the Yezdi name with ownership with Boman Rustom Irani, who originally owned Ideal Jawa India Private Limtied, the manufacturers of the old Yezdi motorcycles.

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Whether the Yezdi bikes will co-exist with Jawa bikes in the same showrooms, or will be retailed as a separate brand is still unclear, but in all likelihood, the Yezdi bikes will be manufactured on the same assembly line as the Jawa motorcycles, and will share a lot in common, possibly even the powerplant, which may be shared with the Jawa Perak. More details are expected closer to launch of the brand, which is likely to be in early 2022.

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