Congress Launches Campaign To Appoint Media Team In UP


Congress has launched a campaign to appoint party spokespersons in Uttar Pradesh.


Ahead of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, the Congress has launched a campaign to appoint party spokespersons and media coordinators in different districts of the state.

Candidates will have to clear a written and oral examination to be selected for the posts, party officials said.

As part of the campaign, ”Bane Congress ki Awaaz” (Become the voice of Congress), a team of Congress leaders will visit different districts to select potential spokespersons and media coordinators, Pankaj Srivastava, vice chairman of Media and Communication Department of the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee, said on Saturday.

Every Congress worker and supporter will be given the chance to become a party spokesperson or media coordinator, he said.

Anyone who feels committed to the Constitution of the country and the politics of the Congress party and can effectively put them before the public can become a part of this campaign, he added.

Mr Srivastava said a district-level written and oral examination will be held for both posts and the dates will be announced soon.

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