Eat Eggs Every Day, Says The Great Khali While Finishing A Plate Of Boiled Eggs


A great body requires a great diet. No one knows it better than the Great Khali. Dalip Singh Rana aka The Great Khali is a pride of India for his fame in wrestling. The wrestler and wrestling promoter has always believed in a good diet that can provide him with all the energy that he needs in his profession. And his new social media post reveals The Great Khali chooses a simple protein-rich diet on most days. A recent video of Khali shows him eating hardboiled eggs. He holds a plate of eggs in front of him and asks his viewers to eat eggs every day.

The Great Khali once confessed in a video commercial that his daily breakfast often included around 32 boiled eggs. That’s a massive quantity of eggs and can baffle any of his followers.

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But his fans have liked his latest post a lot. His post has received over 1.19 lakh views within four hours of being shared. Many users commented on Khali’s post by repeating a popular old ad jingle, “Sunday ho ya Monday roz khao ande (Sunday or Monday, eat eggs every day).”

But eggs aren’t his only obsession. The Great Khali does not mind indulging in a delicious cake once in a while. Look at him devouring this beautifully decorated cake. What’s more, we see him lip-syncing with a peppy Punjabi number while having the dessert.

The Great Khali’s food choices are simple. Like every other Indian, he seems to be a fan of milk tea. How do we know? He posted a video on his Instagram timeline where he lazily sips his cup of chai. He does not utter a word but simply makes a gesture while drinking tea. We know, a good cup of chai can make anyone speechless, don’t you think? Here’s the video:

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Sometimes, even simple foods can become stunning in Khali’s hands. For instance, his style of having honey is quite unique, to say the least. In one video, we see him pouring a bottle of honey directly into his mouth. That’s a surprising way of consuming honey, no doubt.

The Great Khali’s food adventures can fascinate us any day.

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