Even Hrithik Roshan Has “Seelan Ki Problem.” Actor’s Pic Amuses Twitter


A picture shared by Hrithik Roshan on Twitter.

Thank you for keeping it real, Hrithik Roshan. In the day and age of carefully-choreographed celebrity pictures, Twitter users were pleasantly surprised when the actor shared a candid photo with his mother this morning, making no attempt to hide a problem that plagues many Mumbai homes – seepage and dampness in walls. Twitter users were quick to notice the crumbling paint on the white wall visible behind the actor. 

The mirror selfie was taken as Hrithik Roshan, 47, enjoyed a “breakfast date” with mother, Pinky Roshan, on Wednesday morning. Sitting at the breakfast table, he captured his mother looking out from a balcony and wrote: “On a lazy breakfast date with my mum. It’s a good morning.”

“Sunday feels on Wednesday are best,” the actor added, urging his followers to go give their mothers a hug. 

A majority of Twitter users were focused on the “seelan” or dampness of the wall, taking it as evidence that Mumbai monsoon water damage is real, whether you are a celebrity or not. 

“Whoever you are in life, seepage is the greatest leveller,” wrote one Twitter user.

“All Mumbaites saw the seepage…And felt good about their own houses. Mumbai is a great leveller,” another agreed.

Many took consolation in the fact that even celebrities faced ‘common man issues’. “So it is confirmed, there is no solution to wall dampness due to excessive moisture. I can die in peace now,” one Twitter user joked.

Acha laga yeh dekh ki ameeron ke yahan bhi seelan ki problem aati hai (good to see that even the rich face seepage issues),” another said.

Others were also amused by the view from the actor’s apartment which seems to be overlooking a building under construction. “I suddenly feel so much better about the construction happening next doors. It’s not just my view, we all are in this together,” a user said.

“The seepage on the wall. Scaffolding view. Hrithik is just like us,” one fan was happy to learn.

Some also thanked the Krrish actor for keeping it real on social media. 

Hrithik Roshan will next be seen alongside Deepika Padukone in Fighter. The film will mark their first project together. 

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