Florida Police Share Photo Of Alligator Stuck Under Patrol Car


Picture shows an alligator under a police patrol cruiser.

People slow down their vehicles after spotting a speed breaker while driving. But what if an alligator gets stuck under your car like a speed bump? A police car in Florida, the United States, experienced a similar thing.

The Leesburg Police Department in Florida responded to a complaint on Wednesday for the removal of an alligator that got entangled beneath one of their patrol cruisers at the time of rescue and created an obstacle to their car.

In a tweet, the police department said, “Well, we don’t see this every day…while helping wrangle this alligator, it fled under one of our traffic units at full speed and wedged itself underneath the car. We are pleased to report the gator was safely extracted and there was no permanent damage to the vehicle.”

The poste doesn’t specify where the alligator was taken after the incident.

Many such instances have been reported in Florida in the past. Few weeks ago, a viral video showed a golfer taking his shot while an alligator approaches from behind.

Shared by a woman named Melissa on Facebook on June 27, she wrote, “The husband on the golf course. Naples, Florida. Michael West.”

The man looked to be calm and completely concentrated on his shot because he didn’t get to see the gator, only his wife did.

The 14-second clip shocked social media users and received hundreds of likes.

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