For Kunal Kapoor, One Of Last Decade’s “Greatest” Tech Inventions Is…


Actor Kunal Kapoor shared a pic of what he considers to be one of tech’s greatest inventions

We all despise the buzzing sound that mosquitoes make. To protect us from mosquito bites, a variety of products are available in the market. Mosquito racquets, which are essentially modified flyswatters, are among the most ingenious of those products. They are simple to use, and the fact that they are battery-powered means we can avoid coils and repellents. It seems like actor Kunal Kapoor, too, is a big fan of these racquets. Recently he shared a photo of one such racquet on Twitter and captioned it, “One of the greatest tech inventions of the last decade.”

Soon, users on Twitter, while responding to the actor’s tweet, engaged in a hilarious discussion and even shared images of their electric racquets and other such products.

One user tweeted in Hindi that these modified racquets played a crucial role in India’s progress in the game of badminton.

Another shared an image of his racquet, saying that it had a torch as well.

The image got Kunal Kapoor to admit that the one with a torch was better than his racquet.

Another user told the actor that the “next level of innovation” would be mosquitoes approaching the racquet rather than users chasing the insects.

Entrepreneur Ankur Warikoo said the mosquito killer was among his best purchases last year.

One user, who wasn’t much impressed by the racquet, also offered a traditional home remedy to get rid of mosquitoes.

Here are a few other hilarious reactions:

Mosquitoes can make our lives a living misery. But this tech invention surely does go a long way in limiting the damage.

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