Free Fried Chicken And More: Here’s All About The New KFC-Themed Apartment


Ever imagined staying in an apartment modelled after your favourite restaurant or food chain? Well, now, you can,as Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) UK has come up with its very first KFC-themed apartment in London. And the company calls it the “House of Harland”. Known for its 11 herbs and spices, the company has decided to go with its lucky number. This is how they are using the number. The booking starts on August 11 at 11 am. The “stay-cation” will begin from August 18 to August 29, which is again 11 days. Now, you get it, right?

The food chain has also shared pictures of the interiors of the apartment, which is in their signature red theme along with a picture of Colonel Sanders, who founded the fast-food chain. The apartment also had a red brick wall that carried the slogan, “It’s finger-lickin’ good,” in neon pink lights. The announcement, which was made on Twitter, goes like this, “The ultimate KFC apartment. Yes, you can stay there. And yes, it has a ‘press to order KFC’ button. Bookings for the House of Harland are available from 11 am on August 11.” Take a look:

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Apart from the press to order button, a stay at the apartment also has other perks for customers. From a chauffeured pick-up service in a black Cadillac called the ‘Colonelmobile’ to a private cinema room and concierge services, you can have it all. The announcement caused quite a frenzy amongst Twitter users and fried chicken connoisseurs. The reactions ranged from excitement to disappointment at the chosen geographical location of the apartment.

A user commented, “Why are these corporate campaigns always London-centric? Why not do it in Manchester or Liverpool for a change and share the love (and the chicken). Surely, it would be cheaper to host up North too, meaning more money for the charity.” 

Another shared her excitement saying, “I would like to go here for our honeymoon.”

This user praised the decor of the apartment saying, “Arguably the greatest apartment ever created, it’s beautiful.” 

Then there were few who found their “next holiday spot”.

A person went to call it a “dream weekend break”.

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