Get Your Car Ready for Summer


The summer season comes every year! Psst.. obviously! It gets tough to take care of and maintain your car in those winter months. Take a look at the following tips to get your car summer-ready.

You should follow some or all of these tips because they will help you keep your car in good condition and save you a lot of money on repairs that you would otherwise need.


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A/C Check 

Go to a mechanic and have them check your air conditioning system. Many professionals do this for a minimal fee or even for free. It is very common for freon in the winter to leak and cause overwork of the A/C compressor.

Battery Check 

Go to a mechanic and have them check your battery. Like the air conditioning system, many professionals do this for a minimal fee or even free. The hot season often breaks down a weak battery. It is cheaper and better to get the battery checked beforehand rather than replace it for a lot more money if it breaks down.

Coolant Check 

Ensure that your coolant is fresh and filled to the recommended level. If you do not check this during the hot season, you are in for a lot of trouble. 


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Tyres Check 

The hot weather means that you will see rubber marks or tyre marks on the road. Hot roads often see tyre marks because tyres use glue that melts upon overheating. Ensure you have proper tread and tyre air pressure. You can get a tyre pressure gauge if you want to check the tyre pressure yourself. 

Wiper Blades Check 

The summer season deteriorates the wipers as they are made of rubber. Once the summer season starts, get yourself a new set of wipers and save yourself from accidents. 

Hoses & Belts Check 

Ensure that you take a look at all the belts and hoses under your hood. These are also made of rubber, and as you know, heat comes down hard on rubber objects. You can either take a look yourself or have a professional mechanic do the work for you. Check for any cuts or cracks, as it is better to have them replaced when your car is still working fine. You don’t want to find yourself stranded somewhere due to this issue. 


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Fluids Check 

Always remember to fill up all the fluids in your car. Fluids are essential for the smooth functioning of the car. Ask the mechanic to top them up, or do so yourself if that’s convenient. In the summer, fluids are even more essential. 

Protecting the Paint 

Get an extra coat of wax on the paint on your car for the summer. It will help to keep the factory-finished colour in place. It will be beneficial if you take your car to car washes, as they tend to scratch your car here and there. 

Follow these tips to ensure smooth sailing this summer!


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