Harbhajan Singh And Geeta Basra Celebrate Arrival Of Son Jovan Veer, Send Sweet Treats To Friends


All happy occasions are celebrated in India with a whole lot of sweets. Be it weddings or birthdays, desserts are an integral part of any function. And it is almost a custom to share sweet treats with loved ones every time they gather under one roof for a get-together. Cricketer Harbhajan Singh and his wife, actress Geeta Basra, who recently welcomed their son Jovan Veer, did something similar to this. They sent a whole lot of love packed in boxes to their friends to mark the arrival of their second child. The happy couple also attached an adorable note to make it extra special. The pictures of the oh-so-beautiful goodie box were shared by actress Neha Dhupia and Mika Singh on Instagram Stories. 

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Instagram story by Mika Singh


Instagram image by Neha Dhupia

Now, that we are drooling over the thought of a wholesome sweet dessert, we curated a list of recipes that will satiate our sweet cravings. Read along:

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1) Gujiya

These are sweet dumplings made of maida and filled with kheer and then deep-fried in ghee. After the deep frying, they are dipped in a sugary syrup. Crunchy and tasty, they are perfect to make any occasion sweeter.

2) Rabri Malpua

Malpuas are sweet pancakes that can be served with a dollop of delicious rabri. Have them, slightly warmed in the microwave, after a hearty meal. Even the thought of this dessert is making us swoon!

3) Rasmalai

This is unanimously every Indian’s all-time favourite dessert, and we won’t disagree. This delectable Bengali sweet is made with chhena balls soaked in malai. It’s a treat for the tastebuds like nothing else.

4) Kalakand

This soft barfi is a favourite for any occasion. Known to have originated in Rajasthan, they are made with milk, paneer, rose water, and cardamom. Garnish with almonds before serving.

5) Rasgulla

The quintessential and traditional Bengali sweet is loved by all! These soft spongy balls of chhena are freshly made and then soaked in sugar syrup. They melt in your mouth. We bet, you can’t have just one!

Just one bite of any of these sweets, and, we’re sure, it’ll become something you crave. So, make all your special occasions sweeter and even more celebratory with these delicacies.

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