How To Make Masala For Pindi Chole | Easy Pindi Chole Masala Recipe


Spicy, rich and buttery – these are all the things that describe the Punjabi cuisine! While this cuisine has given us tons of lip-smacking gems, one such thing that most of us love to devour is the Pindi chole. Chole, also known as chana, is prepared in various ways across the country, with each family having their own favourite recipe. But oftentimes, when we make this dish at home, it might not taste like the one we usually find with street vendors or at the restaurant. So, if you want to get that street style spicy flavour in your pindi chole at home, we have just the blend of masalas that you would need to get that taste.

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Since chole is inherently bland in taste, the essence of the dish lies in its masalas. So it is important to mix a variety of it to get the taste right. Trust us; once you make your chole with this masala, you will keep coming back to this spice mix for chole.

How To Make Chole Masala | Chole Masala Recipe:

To make this mix, first take a bay leaf, cloves, dry red chillies, peppercorn, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, cinnamon, and ajwain. Next, roast them on low heat. Make sure not to burn them. Once done, let it cool and blend them in a blender.

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Take this mix out in a bowl and add amchur powder, anardana powder and kastoori methi. Mix and your chole masala are ready!

For the full recipe of Pindi chole masala, click here.

Next time when you make chole with this spice, pair it with bhature/kulcha and salad and brace yourselves to get into a food coma!

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