How To Make Spicy Sambar Masala, Chettinad-Style (Recipe Inside)


Think South Indian cuisine, sambar is probably one of the first names that will pop-up in your mind. It is one common dish that many of us cook at home. The mix of dals, veggies and spices in this dish is what brings out its flavours and aroma. However, many a times we miss out on that authentic taste while making it at home. Have you ever wondered, why? We feel, the answer lies in its masala. Fret not, we have got you covered here. We found a delicious sambhar masala recipe that will help you make that perfect sambar, restaurant-style. This masala is referred to as Chettinad-style sambar masala.

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Usually, the sambar is known to have a sweet taste to it. But in Chettinad-style, it is said that the spice is more to give that extra kick in flavours! So, if you also like your food spicy, then make this delicious sambar masala and amp up your meal in no time.

How To Make Chettinad-Style Sambar Masala | Chettinad-Style Sambar Masala Recipe

To make the sambar masala, you would need half a cup of chana dal, toor dal, urad dal, rice, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds and turmeric cubes, then take one-fourth cup of fennel seeds, peppercorns, castor oil and two cups of dried red chilli, round dry chilli and coriander seeds. Next, take two tablespoons of gingley oil, asafetida and crystal salt.

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Once you collect all the ingredients together, heat a pan and dry roast them individually. Make sure not to burn them. Then mix all in a blender. Add the oils and preserve them.

For the full recipe of Chettinad-Style Sambhar Masala, click here.

Make this sambar masala and store in your pantry for anytime use. Now, elevate the taste of your homemade sambar without any fuss.

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