If You Are Old Enough, You Will Recognise Bottega Veneta’s Rs 1.45 Lakh Necklace


Bottega Veneta has raised eyebrows with its coiled necklace that resembles a telephone cord.

People who grew up in the era of landline phones will have no trouble recognising the trademark twisted telephone cable that luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta has now appropriated into a necklace. The coiled necklace retails for a staggering $2,000 on the Italian fashion house’s website. 

That’s approximately Rs 1.45 lakh. 

Bottega Veneta’s coiled necklace, crafted in enamelled sterling silver, has raised eyebrows on social media. The necklace first gained attention after a picture of it was shared by Diet Prada — a popular Instagram page that calls out plagiarism in fashion — alongside a photo of colourful telephone cables available on eBay for a fraction of the cost – $5. 

“Bottega is the new Vetements,” Diet Prada wrote while sharing the pic which has racked up hundreds of outraged comments on Instagram.

“They are really just reaching into the junk drawer eyes closed and slapping 2k on whatever comes out,” wrote one Instagram user.

“I have to know if someone actually bought it for 2k,” another said, while a third remarked: “Not a steal, that’s a robbery!”

The necklace is available in three colours – green, white and lavender. Customers can also pair it with matching coiled earrings ($800) or a coiled ring ($480). 

This range of coiled jewellery is not even the first Bottega Veneta item to face Diet Prada’s criticism. Yesterday, the Instagram page also called out the fashion house for selling beaded daisy chain necklaces for $3,390.

Besides asking for a cost breakdown analysis of the necklace, Diet Prada pointed out that such beaded necklaces are commonly available for around $20. 

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