International Coffee Day: Swipe Till The End Of Zomato’s Post For A “Surprise”


International Coffee Day 2021: Zomato shared a funny post on the occasion of International Coffee Day

A cup of coffee not only helps give a great jumpstart to the day but also lightens the mood. That is perhaps why a day is dedicated annually to celebrate coffee as a beverage. On International Coffee Day, which falls on October 1, people share their love for the drink, billed as a conversation starter. Acknowledging this feature, many corporate houses try to engage with their customer base on this day. This year, Fevicol and Zomato led the celebrations with smart marketing campaigns. Both companies shared images (and messages) on their Instagram handles that “talk” about coffee and how it helps people bond or uplift their mood.

Zomato shared popular characters from movies and web series that appear to show their love for coffee – with the help of some hilariously-Photoshopped pics. From Guddu Bhaiya and Kaleen Bhaiya from Mirzapur, to the sharp Srikant Tiwari of The Family Man and funny Uday Shetty of Welcome, everyone enjoys a cup of coffee in Zomato’s post. It also features Rahul Raichand and Anjali from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.

“Rise and smile coffee lovers, except the ones who smiled after looking at the last slide,” Zomato said. “Happy Coffee Day and Smile Day everyone!”

Find out which slide is placed last and why the online food delivery service thinks you should not laugh at it.

“Last one was such an amaze surprise!” wrote one Instagram user. 

Last vala gajab tha. Chai is love,” another wrote in praise of the last slide, which shows actor Pankaj Tripathi aka Kaleen Bhaiya of Mirzapur with a cup of tea.

Meanwhile, Fevicol, which is known for its creative advertisements, posted an image of two cups side by side. On top of the coffee inside them, each has an image of an elephant, the mascot of the adhesive. “For kaafi (very) strong bonds,” it said, playing on the pronunciation of the word “coffee”.

Many people have given a thumbs up to the two ad campaigns.

“Whatever happens, just one coffee and you will be fine at home, at the office or anywhere,” wrote an Instagram user.

One user delved into the mystery around Zomato’s last slide, saying it was tea.

Some users asked Fevicol to post memes. “Hey Fevi, can you post some memes related to Fevicol. If you can, we will love it,” said an Instagram user.

“Damnnn! The creativity,” another wrote.

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