Karma Eventually Catches Up With Everyone. These Videos Are Proof


A look at five videos that show instant karma in action.

We have all been warned by our elders about karma catching with us. Whenever we tend to take shortcuts or sidestep the right path, we are cautioned that our karma will soon make us pick the right path. To drive home the point, several people recently shared videos that showed how bad karma instantly “rewards” us with bad results. The videos and memes are funny but also hold a message. Indian Forest Service Officer Susanta Nanda shared two videos on this subject recently.

One of the videos showed a man trying to pull the tail of a camel. However, as he tries to catch it, the camel kicks the unsuspecting man and sends falling back. The IFS officer just wrote “karma” in the caption. The video has racked up thousands of views since being shared. 

Sharing another video, he wrote, “Karma returns too soon”. The video showed a hunter waiting for its prey, a deer, in the jungle. But the deer rushes towards him with such speed that the hunter does not get enough time to respond. The animal hits him and sends him flying backwards. This video was viewed over 62,000 times.

A third video on karma was shared by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra. “When the target is achieved easily, it’s not valued,” said the Chhattisgarh police officer in Hindi, adding the hashtag #InstantKarma. The video showed a boy trying to net a basketball but failing repeatedly. So, he kicks the basket in frustration. Watch what happens next:

Instant karma can be described as a circumstance where the actions of a person backfire causing an immediate and unforeseen effect. For instance, if we try to wrong others, nature punishes us.

Another video that had gone viral in May 2020 showed a group of men riding a cart pulled by buffalo. Some of them were harassing the buffalo with wooden sticks, forcing it to run harder. The buffalo got irritated, apparently, and hit the wheels on a road divider, overturning the cart. The buffalo’s sweet revenge was lauded by many people.

Sometimes being cruel to one animal can be disturbing to other animals, who then come to the distressed animal’s rescue. In November last year, a video had surfaced online that showed a man harassing a dog. Seeing this, a cow turned the tables on him. The cow pounced on the man and forced him to the ground to rescue the dog.

The lesson that these videos taught us was that we should watch our actions as karma will catch up with us sooner or later.

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