Mahindra’s Witty Response To Viral Video Claiming Leakage In Scorpio Under Waterfall

Mahindra’s Witty Response To Viral Video Claiming Leakage In Scorpio Under Waterfall

The man’s stunt was imitated by the company.

A few days ago, a content creator shared his experience when he took his SUV, Mahindra Scorpio N, under a waterfall on a hilly path. The video shockingly showed the sunroof of the car leaking and water seeping inside the vehicle. Responding to the claim, the official account of Mahindra Scorpio took to social media to show a demo of the car’s robustness.

The man’s stunt was imitated by the company. In the beginning of the video, the company wrote, “Just another day under the waterfall for the Scorpio N.” A camera was installed inside the SUV which captured images and videos of water pouring across the windscreen, windows and sunroof when the driver parked the vehicle under the waterfall. It is to be noted that not a single drop of water leaked inside the car. The company also added a disclaimer which said that the video was created under professional guidance. 

They captioned the video as, “Just another day in the life of the All-New Scorpio-N.”

Since being shared, the post has amassed over 5.2 lakh views and two thousand likes.

“The message is loud and clear. Perfect reply to the recent controversy. Well played, team @anandmahindra,” commented a user.

“Your advertising and management team deserves applause for their innovation and professionalism.  This response is just awesome,” added a second person.

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A third person said, “Instead of apologising to the person who had suffered damages due to fake “PDIs” and poor fitment, mahindra spends time and money countering that customer with this video. wow!! And its amazing how people are defending the company here.”

“This is called fearlessness, The Brand and the Car, inspiration for many,” added a fourth user.

“We shall soon see all Scorpio drivers queuing near waterfalls to test their vehicles,” remarked another user.

“The confidence these guys have on their car is unreal, way to go Mahindra!” said an internet user.

Another person said, “Someone with vested interests would have done the earlier leaking video.”

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