Masaba Gupta’s “Recovery Plan” Is The Motivation We All Need


If you follow Masaba Gupta on social media, then you know that the designer is a fitness fanatic and follows a strict diet. And not just this, Masaba is also an inspiration for many to follow a healthy and fit lifestyle. However, of late, it seems that she had gone off track with her diet due to the shooting of “Masaba Masaba” season two. But as the shooting comes towards an end, Masaba is all set to get back to her routine with a “recovery plan.”

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Recently, posting on her Instagram, Masaba shared her recovery plan that consisted of “Yoga, ayurvedic cleanse, strength training, 4 bottles water and celery/papaya.” Now, this indeed seems like a plan that one can jump on to get back into a healthy lifestyle! In her story, she also wrote, “Yes, I make notes on how to recover from 2 months of poor eating, negligible physical activity and sleep. Plan in advance.” Take a look:

Instagram story by Masaba Gupta

If Masaba Gupta’s recovery plan has motivated you to stay healthy, then let us tell you that this is not the first time that the designer has shared such a list. Earlier, she had also invited all the fitness enthusiasts on social media to follow her diet pattern and prepared a to-do list for the same! Masaba listed down the changes she intends to make in her day-to-day routine. From going gluten-free to staying hydrated, the simple hacks in her list surely seemed easy to follow. Take a look

Now, we can’t wait to see how Masaba’s fitness plan turns out. What do you think would be next on her list?!

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