“Masterpiece” :Fan Makes Virat Kohli’s Portrait, Internet Amazed

“Masterpiece” :Fan Makes Virat Kohli’s Portrait, Internet Amazed

The artist has carefully captured the cricketer’s signature expression on the field.

Virat Kohli is undoubtedly one of the most admired athletes in the world. He continues to be one of the most loved and respected cricketers in India despite going through a hard spell in his career. Many fans have gone above and beyond for the cricketer. While some invaded the pitch to just meet their idol, others waited for long hours to get a glimpse of “King Kohli” outside his hotel. Recently, a fan of the ace cricketer made a portrait for him and the resemblance is uncanny.

On the first glimpse, it looks as if it is a photograph of the cricketer. In the portrait, Virat Kohli is seen standing a black backdrop while wearing a white shirt. The artist has carefully captured the cricketer’s signature expression on the field with beautiful detailing of his hair and facial features. The handmade portrait of the beloved cricketer has left the internet mesmerised with the fan’s talent. The painting stands out from the others due to its realistic quality. 

The painting was shared by the user WG RumblePants on Twitter. Since being shared, the post has amassed over 1.9 lakh views and two thousand likes. 

“Fantastic as always. Keep ‘me coming,” said a user.

“Masterpiece,” commented another person.

“Your work is flippen amazing!! They look like photographs,” added a third person.

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A person added, “You are gifted man…”

The user also shared a photo of Virat Kohli holding a phone and posing with the portrait made by the user. “And here’s the chap in question taking a look at it,” he said alongside the photo.

Looking at Mr Kohli’s picture, a user asked, “Is it real.”  Responding to the same, the artist said, “It is. The former Chairman of Yorkshire – Lord Kamlesh Patel – showed it to him when visiting India. “

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