Mumbai Police Posts Witty Video Advising People About Online Scams


Mumbai police often share photos and videos on their Instagram handle

Mumbai Police always manage to capture the youth’s attention. This time, they came up with an interesting way to put forward a message about online scams. Taking to Instagram, the police department hopped on a popular Instagram trend and warned people about scammers.

Along with the video, the caption reads, “This is not a ‘dilemma’ to be pondered upon! Our Police personnel don’t approve of either. Don’t share your personal or banking information with anyone. Be alert.”

In the video shared 13 hours ago, two people can be seen facing each other. The text on one of them reads, “Scammers asking you for OTP. On another person, it reads, “You giving scammers your OTP.”

Check out the video here:

The video has amassed 1,78,000 views on Instagram with several comments. Several internet users also shared their thoughts in the comment section. 

A user wrote, “Love the way you guys convey your msg with epic ideas & memes.” Another user commented, “You guys are the best social media account in the country.”

“Simply admire your social media game!” the third user commented. “Scam call is the only opportunity where you can abuse them severely for calling you and nobody will complain against you for abusing,” the fourth expressed.

Mumbai police often share photos and videos on their Instagram handle that create awareness. Anything that is happening in the world is likely to catch the attention of the police department.

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