Old Video Of “Most Chilled Moment in Cricket” Goes Viral

Old Video Of “Most Chilled Moment in Cricket” Goes Viral

The spectator caught the ball in the stands.

Cricket matches are not just for the players; some stadium spectators take part in the live game by showcasing their athletic prowess. The unique energy that spectators bring to the game can assist and inspire the teams.

An old video of a one-day international match is going viral on the internet, where a cricket fan catches the ball standing in the spectator area. The video starts with former England Test cricketer Ian Botham hitting the ball into the stands for a six. A man wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and sunglasses sitting there catches the ball on the opposite side of the boundary.

The video’s most intriguing aspect is how the spectator captured the ball with both hands while holding a cigarette to his lips. The cricket fans in the stadium applauded him for his amusing display of skills when he threw the ball back to the ground.

The video was shared on Instagram by a page named Deepsingh_Harsh with a caption that reads, “Most Chilled Moment in Cricket”.

Watch the video here:

The video has gotten more than 5 million views on Instagram, with 658,523 likes.

Several viewers on Instagram left comments related to the smoking spectator.

“This man be like:- don’t waste time, just keep playing,” wrote one user.

“I think he is Billy from Stranger Things,”, commented another user.

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