Onion Aachar, Gajar Achar And More: 5 Pickle Recipes That Are Delicious and Easy To Make


The mere mention of the word pickle or aachar sends a tingle to every desi food lover’s tongue. Over the years, this tasty and crunchy side dish has become an irreplaceable part of authentic Indian meals. Thankfully, our grandmothers passed down the pickle recipes borrowed by their ancestors to keep us connected to the roots. Pickle making process is a slow and steady one. While fruit pickles are always a hit amongst the foodies, the vegetable pickles are truly underrated. You do not have to wait for seasonal fruits to prepare aam ka aachar or nimbu ka aachar. Instead, store a jar of pickle prepared using fresh vegetable. After all, no readymade pickle packet can give you the actual flavour that you’re craving.

Here are 5 such vegetable pickle recipes that are simply unmissable.

1.Carrot Pickle

We are all aware of the love for gajar ka halwa or carrot raita. But have you considered making a pickle out of these juicy red carrots? The spicy and tangy pickle has one of the easiest recipes. The dash of mustard seeds and chilli powder makes it a tempting option to try.

2.Onion Pickle

The onion aachar with a touch of garlic magic is everything Indian foodies dream of. The pickle also consists of aromatic flavours like fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds and kalonji seeds.

3.Drumstick Pickle

Drumsticks or moringa have ample health benefits and they are yummy too. They are often used in Indian spicy curries. However, making an aachar out of them is equally easy. This pickle has a blast of spices and condiments. Dried red peppers, fenugreek and tamarind make it a sour and spicy combination.

4.Cauliflower Pickle

Cauliflower pickle is an uncommon pickle but is a must-try. It is mixed with turnip, carrots and a host of regular spices. It is the best way to include cauliflower in the daily meals if sabzis are not your thing.


5.Green Chillies Pickle

Green chillies pickle is our favourite. The hot and tempting pickle has chopped chillies, garlic, red chilli powder, sugar and tamarind. 

You can surprise your loved ones with one of these delicious pickle recipes that are so simple to make. Let us know if you have already tried any of these?

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