Optical Illusion: Find The Three Bananas Hidden Among These Minions


This optical illusion was created by Gergely Dudas, better known as Dudolf.

From crossword puzzles to sudoku, internet users have been drawn to new online obsessions, and the most recent addition is optical illusions. Users of social media are employing it as a springboard to liven up a dreary day. How optical illusions trick our brains and imaginations is really fascinating. It not only evaluates your vision but also your personality and character attributes.

Now, a new picture purportedly showing three hidden bananas is the newest brainteaser to seriously perplex people. This optical illusion was created by Gergely Dudas, better known as Dudolf, a well-known Hungarian illustrator and artist.

Sharing this new puzzle for social media users to solve, he wrote: “This is the first time I’ve made a seek-and-find picture with already existing characters. It’s an homage to the Minions, I came up with this idea last week after seeing their new movie at the cinema. Have you seen it? This was also probably the most time I’ve spent drawing one puzzle, it took me like three or four days! But I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I hope you’ll like it too!

“Needless to say, these are not my characters, it’s a fan art by me, Minions are the property of Universal Pictures (Illumination Entertainment),” he added.

The answer to the seek-and-find image is given here:


This image was a good optical illusion, which is a great way to test your observational skills and intelligence. Visit Dudolf’s website to solve and enjoy a range of other puzzles.

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