Over 500 Poachers Surrender In Assam, To Get Financial Aid For Work


Poachers also pose big threat to rhinos in Kaziranga


Some 500 poachers and woodcutters surrendered their weapons in Assam’s Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) today. Responding to BTR forest department’s call, more than 500 poachers surrendered in the area.

“Today, the surrender of this large number of poachers, who are directly involved in deforestation and killing of wild animals, is considered a positive step in the protection of forests in the BTR region,” said Ranjit Basumstari, executive member, forest department of BTR.

Special DGP of Assam Police LR Bishnoi was also present to oversee the surrender process.

Mr Basumtari said a campaign would be launched to clear the protected forests in a short period of time, but before that all the people occupying forests would be relocated.

He said they have submitted 254 handmade guns, explosives, ammunition and wood.

“We have decided to provide Rs 50,000 to each poacher and skill development training to woodcutters. We had asked them to surrender and responding to our call, they have laid down their arms. It’s a historic day for us in the whole BTR,” said Mr Basumtari.

Recently, on World Rhino Day, as many as 57 poachers surrendered their arms and wildlife parts near Raimona National Park in BTR.

Pramod Boro, a chief executive member of the Bodoland Territorial Council that administers the four districts in the region, also gave financial aid to the poachers who decided to give up poaching and take up alternate vocations.

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