Philippines Man Goes On Vacation With Wife’s Face Pillow, Hilarious Post Leaves Internet In Splits


The images of the vacation has left internet in splits.

A Filipino man recently came up with a unique idea to ensure his wife could still be on vacation with him even though she had to cancel their holiday plans at the last moment. Raymond Fortunado had long planned a vacation to Coron in Palawan, the Philippines. However, at the last minute, his wife Joanne Fortunado – a freelance model – had to cancel the plans, as per media outlet Kami.

But to ensure that his promise of going everywhere with his partner remained unbroken, Mr Raymond took a meme-face pillow of his wife on the holiday. Taking to Facebook, Mr Raymond shared a series of photos of the “romantic” vacation, in which he could be seen doing all sorts of touristy things with his wife’s meme-face pillow. 

Take a look at the post below: 

Mr Raymond clicked pictures with the pillow while snorkelling, shopping and even while having breakfast at the hotel. He got the meme-face pillow’s temperature checked at the airport in accordance with Covid-19 protocols. He convinced some locals to pose with the pillow as well. 

Since being shared, Mr Raymond’s post has taken the internet by storm. The images have prompted several users to express their views. 

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While one user wrote, “You are different buddy, hehe,” another added, “Hahahaha what an awesome trip…I was amazed at what you did. So sweet.” A third user said, “I laughed so hard but so cute.” “You are really different baby, so sweet,” commented fourth. 

Meanwhile, as per Kami, Mr Raymond devised a creative way to take his wife on the trip because he promised Ms Joanne that she will be with him wherever he goes. The pillow was Ms Joanne’s gift to her husband. The Filipino man even reportedly said that while he had an argument with his partner on an issue before he set off on the vacation, she soon came around and even received him at the airport and posed with the meme-face pillow. 

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