Rajma Patty Burger: Make This Delicious High-Protein Burger In 30 Minutes


When thinking of fast food, burgers might be the first choice that many of us love to devour. The scrumptious, mouth-filling and cheesy burgers melt in our mouth in every bite. Oh, and when served with fries, this fast-food turns into a wholesome meal. Whether you order this dish in a restaurant or café or have it from the street side vendors, there are many flavours and fillings that one can experiment with. So, if you also like to gorge on a fulfilling burger, then here we bring you a juicy and hearty rajma patty burger recipe!

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This rajma patty burger is super easy to make and also high in protein. All you need is basic home ingredients to whip up this burger, and it will be ready in 30 minutes. Made with rajma, boiled potatoes, peas and lip-smacking masalas, this burger will be loved by people of all ages! And the best part about this burger is that you can make it on any occasion, so without waiting, let us check out this tasty rajma patty burger recipe.

How To Make Rajma Patty Burger | Rajma Patty Burger Recipe

To make this recipe, combine boiled rajma, potatoes, peas and small bread pieces in a bowl along with masalas. Give it the shape of Tikki and dip the Tikki in cornflour slurry and bread crumbs. Pan fry till golden brown. Then take the buns and toast them. Now, assemble the burger patty, cheese, sliced onion and tomato. From the top, add sauces of your choice. Close the bun, serve it with fries and enjoy!

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For the full recipe of Rajma Patty Burger, click here.

Make this delicious burger, and let us know how you liked the taste of it!

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