Rasgulla Chaat, Rasgulle Ki Sabzi And More, 5 Rasgulla Recipes You May Not Have Heard Of


There are so many kinds of Indian sweets that you are spoilt for choices. Isn’t it? From rasmalai and kaju katli to gulab jamun and rasgulla- options are many. However, if there’s one Indian sweet that is loved by all, it is rasgulla. Soft, spongy and scrumptious, this sweet tiny treat is undoubtedly a perfect option to pair up with an elaborative meal spread. Besides ever-popular classic white rasgullas, there are a lot more rasgullas recipes that you may not have heard of. Few examples are rasgulla chaat, rasgulle ki sabzi, strawberry rasgulla and much more. Interesting, right?

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All these recipes are not only unique but also very easy. You can also use leftover rasgullas to create a few of these recipes. So, if you are a diehard fan of rasgulla (just like us), now is the time to take this classic rasgulla recipe up a notch with these unique ones. Read on to know about these recipes.

1. Rasgulla Chaat

Let’s start off the list with this recipe. Well, Who thought rasgulla and chaat would go together? Rasgulla chaat is a spicy and flavourful street-style chaat, with rasgulla in the base – bringing the best of both worlds on one plate. If you are wondering how to make this recipe, click here.

2. Rasgulle ki Sabzi

Here’s another unique recipe for you to try. Sweet and savoury, this dish involves rasgulle tossed in a spicy onion and tomato gravy with a host of other spices. If you are looking for a dish to amp up your dinner table, this recipe is all you need. Click here.

panee rasgulle

3. Pista Aur Zaffrani Rabri Rasgulla

This recipe of Rabri Rasgulla is a unique blend of India’s two most favourite sweets, the thick and creamy Rabri and spongy rasgulla along with nuts, sugar, pista and saffron. Click here for the recipe.


4. Strawberry Rasgulla

Strawberry is one fruit that adds a punch of flavour in almost every kind of recipe. Be it strawberry kulfi, icecream, rasmalai etc. In this recipe, rasgulla is wrapped into a dome with strawberry puree, white chocolate, whipping cream and gelatin leaves. Here’s the recipe for you.


5. Mango Rasgulla

Easy, quick and flavourful, mango rasgullas can be an ideal choice for celebrating festivals and special occasions. It is prepared by stuffing chhena rounds (rasgullas) with ripe mango chunks and then cooking them in mango syrup until fluffy. Click here for the full recipe.


Move over basic white rasgullas, try these unique recipes and tell us which one turned out to be your favourite recipe in the comment section below.

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