“Regional Parties Can’t Fight BJP”: Rahul Gandhi’s Top 5 Quotes At Congress Strategy Camp


Rahul Gandhi said the party needs to effect changes at the grassroots level

New Delhi:
The Congress’s connect with people has broken down, admitted Rahul Gandhi in a speech to party leaders on Sunday, adding that it has to be rebuilt for the party to take on the BJP as no regional party can fight like the grand old party.

Here are the top 5 Rahul Gandhi quotes from the Congress conclave:

We have to revive our connection with people and need to accept that it has broken. We will strengthen it, this will not happen with any short-cut, it requires hard work.

Conversations are not allowed in India today; we see conversations being muzzled and we do not understand its consequences.

I have never been corrupt haven’t taken any money and I am not scared and will fight. We are fighting the ideology of hatred and violence.

We haven’t like the RSS infiltrated into various institutions like they are doing. When we aggressively change the party structure at the grassroots level we will be able to take on the RSS.

Regional parties can’t fight like our party.

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