Russian Woman Uses Billboard To Find Love, Wooed By Anti-War Ukrainian Tycoon

Russian Woman Uses Billboard To Find Love, Wooed By Anti-War Ukrainian Tycoon

The lovestruck Ukrainian described Molonova’s billboard as “very creative.”

A wealthy Ukrainian tycoon is now courting Maria Molonova, a millionaire businesswoman from Russia who rented a number of billboards to discover the ideal match for her, according to New York Post.

Due to sanctions, all Russians across the country are unable to use the dating app, but 26-year-old Maria Molonova thought a billboard advertisement would suffice. That’s exactly what happened, as the enormous billboard caught the eye of a Ukrainian billionaire who was travelling the world and responded to the campaign with a simple note, reported the news outlet.

According to The Daily Star, Serhii Kharkusha, 26, had helped raise money for Ukrainian troops but found himself head over heels for the wealthy woman, whose billboard advertisement he replied to.

Kharkusha wrote in response to the advertisement, “Millionaire turn around, I’m already here.”

“I don’t respect war supporters – or Vladimir Putin. I do not understand what he is doing, but I feel good being in love with a Russian woman,” Kharkusha giddily told East2West News.

“Most of my close friends are from Russia. I choose those people whose values match mine. I do not support the war,” he added.

I chose Maria because I saw her on the news after her advertisement, and she is my type,” he gushed. “She is brave. She is bright. There are lots of women in LA, but they are all wrong, and then I saw Maria.”

“So I decided to pay for another billboard and write ‘I’m here’. As I’m from Ukraine, I cannot arrive in her city right now, but I want to send her a part of me.

“So I’m printing a full length photo of myself and sending it to her.”

The mother-of-two, Maria, who first put up the billboard, said: “Serhii’s response to me pleased me because it served as his own form of self-promotion. He is creative, so it’s definitely not predictable.”

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