Social Media Influencer Impressing ‘Loki’ With A Plate Of Momos Is Too Amusing


Is there anything that a plate full of momos cannot solve? A recent hilarious video dedicated to this delicacy gave the Internet a good laugh. A social media personality named Rohit Saluja posted a funny video that also features a popular character from Marvel Universe named ‘Loki’. The clip shows Rohit offering momos to the angry antagonist who smiles after looking at the dish. The perfect timing of the video got all the momo lovers and Loki fans relate to it a hundred percent. Rohit captioned the video as, “How to convince your angry friend.” The clip has received over 92,000 likes so far.

Replying to the video, a user wrote, “Too much creativity.” Another foodie said, “momos ke liye kon mana karega?[Who will say no to momos?].” One of his followers further reacted to the video saying, “so funny.” A fourth person found it “damnnnnnnnnnn relatable”.

Then there were a few who fell in love with Loki’s smile. “Oh bhai sahab… Loki ki smile dekhi? [Oh, bro… Did you notice Loki’s smile?],” wrote an user.

Watch the video here:

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Speaking of momos, the yummy delicacy has multiple variations – each winning our hearts with unique flavours and aroma. They can be fried or steamed. If you are new to the world of momos or want to try out some fresh recipes, we have listed a few here:

3 Delicious Momo Options For You:

1.Chicken Momos

The popular snack especially savoured in the streets of NorthEast is too good to miss. The spicy recipe is made with minced chicken and onions. Garlic and soya sauce add zing to the making.

2.Veg Momos

If you follow a vegetarian diet, there is an equally delicious option waiting for you. These are made with maida and filled with veggies like cabbage, carrot, onions. The addition of vinegar, black pepper, and soya sauce makes it worth every bite.

3.Tandoori Momos

Fan of Tandoori dishes? These crunchy momos will satiate your taste buds. The momos have a host of spices ready to burst in the mouth. These are prepared with a layer made out of flour.

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You can always add your dash of flavour or vegetables to these momos recipes. So, are you ready for a momo-themed Friendship Day weekend?

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