‘Space Jellyfish’ Lights Up The Florida Sky, Courtesy SpaceX


Several social media users shared photos and videos of the “space jellyfish” phenomenon


SpaceX today launched 53 internet satellites, known as Starlinks, off the coast of Florida. Just hours before the launch, the company founded by Elon Musk, brought four astronauts home after they spent nearly six months at the International Space Station. Amid this busy day for SpaceX, a visual phenomenon called “space jellyfish” got a number of Florida residents excited.

The space jellyfish effect occurs when a rocket takes off in the hours around dawn or dusk. The rocket’s exhaust produces a plume of smoke once it attains a high altitude. If the skies are clear, the sun’s rays illuminate the trail of gases. The effect resembles a jellyfish medusa’s bell and tentacles.

The SpaceX launch on Friday morning produced a “space jellyfish” that was witnessed by many to who got up early to witness the launch. Several social media users shared the cloud of illuminated gases witnessed in the dark pre-dawn Florida sky.

Explaining the phenomenon, SpaceX’s Jessica Jenson told media, “Basically, what’s happening is, it’s still dark outside, but you have the sun illuminating the plume as it’s in space.” Ms Jensen is the director of Dragon mission management for SpaceX.

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