Temjen Imna Along Strikes Yoga Pose In New Pic: ”Stretches Be Like Disco Deewane”

Temjen Imna Along Strikes Yoga Pose In New Pic: ”Stretches Be Like Disco Deewane”

In the picture, Mr Along is seen performing yoga along with other participants

Nagaland minister Temjen Imna Along, who is well-known for his amusing social media posts, knows how to keep his followers hooked. From posting videos showcasing the natural beauty of his state to keeping his fans updated with important life advice, his posts garner a lot of social media attention. On Monday, he shared yet another interesting picture in which he can be seen performing yoga. His post is a shoutout to the upcoming International Yoga Day which is celebrated on June 21.

”When you think to hit the dance floor & yoga hits you hard. Stretches be like Disco Deewane. Let’s give a Shoutout, 65 Days left for International Day of Yoga!” the picture caption reads.

See the post here:

In the picture, Mr Along is seen striking yoga poses along with other participants in an open space. In the background, one can also see a huge poster of Prime Minister Narendra Modi performing yoga. 

Reacting to his post, one user suggested, ”Sir let’s start a Twitter page to make all poses we can do for international yoga day – for next 65 days.. daily post of us could be even just one simple posture!! Maybe with a hashtag!”

In his characteristic witty style, the minister replied, ”Hmmmmm for me it will be very limited poses. Hahaha have to learn more . Yet we can try.”

Since being shared, the picture has gone viral and amassed 56,000 views, 2638 likes, and close to 150 retweets. One user wrote, ”Coolest politician ever!” Another commented, ”Your posture is the best, everyone else is about to take a flight.”

In the comment section, a user shared another picture of him acing a yoga pose.

A third said, ”Sir, you are the source of positive vibe. we need your miniature to keep at home to spread happiness.” A fourth added, ”Am getting ur fan day by day. You are a very lively person and I will visit Nagaland. It’s really beautiful place.”

Every year, on June 21, the world celebrates the International Day Of Yoga. The day aims to spread awareness about the benefits of the spiritual and physical practice that had first started in ancient India. June 21 was suggested to be the date to celebrate yoga as it is also the day of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. 

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