UK Driver Caught Speeding To See Girlfriend Told Police Love Made Him Do It


The motorist was clocked speeding at 102mph. (Representative Photo)

The police in the United Kingdom got an incredibly romantic excuse from a man they stopped for over-speeding. The man said “love” made him do it, according to the Thames Valley Police’s Facebook page. The motorist was clocked speeding at 102mph and after being stopped by the cops

The police said in their Facebook post that the majority of drivers on Easter Sunday, April 17, were “egg-cellent” apart from that one driver who had been caught racing along the M40 to “see his girlfriend”.

The police department wrote in the caption, “Unmarked enforcement on the #M40 this morning. The majority of Egg-cellent motorists were driving safely, thank you”. Referring to the lovestruck motorist, the Thames Valley Police further went on to add, “Rock legend Meatloaf: ‘I would do anything thing for love, but I just won’t do that!’ (Speeding?). Reported straight to Court.” 

“Remember #ArriveAlive and stick to the limits. #ItsNotWorthTheRisk,” the police department said. 

Since shared, the social media post has taken the internet by storm. Commenting on the incident, one user jokingly said, “You Can’t Hurry Love by Phil Collins comes to mind, obviously won’t be going anywhere speedy….” “He won’t do that in a hurry… Love Love don’t come easy,” added another. 

Meanwhile, the authorities informed that other drivers were stopped for speeding at 91mph, 90mph and 89mph. Two more drivers were also stopped for careless driving after undertaking at speed with one motorist found to be “not in proper control of their vehicle”. 

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