Vaani Kapoor’s Special Birthday Cake Is Too Sinfully Decadent To Miss


Actress Vaani Kapoor is celebrating her birthday on 23rd August, 2021. The actress recently made an appearance alongside actor Akshay Kumar in the film ‘Bell Bottom’, which has released in theatres on 19th August. Wishes poured in for the actress from fans, family and friends as we could see on her Instagram profile. And what’s a birthday without a deliciously moist and creamy chocolate cake? Vaani Kapoor is a fitness enthusiast and makes conscious food choices, but of course, she indulged in a delicious cake on her birthday. Vaani shared a picture of her divine-looking dark chocolate cake sent to her by a friend on her Instagram Stories. The cake looked utterly decadent and was decorated with dark chocolate pieces dusted with edible gold glitter. Vaani tagged her friend in the caption alongside the picture thanking her for the yummy sweet treat and added, “This was yum.”

If you are on a no-sugar diet, a peek at Vaani Kapoor’s birthday cake is going to leave you with an insatiable urge for chocolate cake, and definitely leave you slurping! Take a look:

Vaani Kapoor celebrated her birthday with this decadent chocolate cake. 

When she isn’t busy burning calories, Vaani Kapoor is indulging her sweet tooth cravings with healthy and delicious brownies. Previously, the actress gave us a glimpse of a yummy brownie she relished, which was made with nutrient-rich ingredients like jowar and a rich cacao ganache frosting. Guilt-free indulgence, don’t you agree? Read more about it here.

Has Vaani Kapoor’s chocolatey birthday treat left you with the urge to rush to your kitchen? Well, fret not, we have a list of oh-so-delicious chocolate cake recipes for you to whip up and satiate your sweet tooth cravings.

1) Chocolate Mug Cake

It takes just 10 minutes to make this cake, and requires minimal ingredients. All you need is a mug and a microwave for this tasty treat. It’s ideal to satiate sudden cravings.

2) Ragi Dark Chocolate Cake

Put a healthy spin on your chocolate cake with this recipe. All you need is ragi flour, dark chocolate, and eggs.

3) Rich And Moist Chocolate Cake

Have time on your hands and want to indulge in a heavenly treat? Then this rich and gooey cake recipe is just for you.

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There are a number of chocolate cakes you can make at home. 

4) Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake

A rich cake made using almonds and plenty of dark chocolate, it’s sinful yet super healthy. You can either bake it in the oven or pressure cook this cake.

5) Eggless Chocolate Cake

Don’t like eggs? No problem. This fudgy treat is easy to bake and is moist and delicious too.

Just like Vaani Kapoor, indulge your sweet tooth with delicious chocolate cakes. Don’t forget to tell us which one of these you enjoyed baking.

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