Video: Adoption Centre Staff Brutally Assaults 2 Girls, Slams Them To Floor

Video: Adoption Centre Staff Brutally Assaults 2 Girls, Slams Them To Floor

The employee has been accused of several such incidents in the past.

Kanker, Chhattisgarh:

A viral video from an adoption centre in Chhattisgarh’s Kanker district shows the Programme Manager of the centre brutally assaulting two little girls, flinging them to the floor and then onto a bed. The Kanker Collector has ordered an FIR against the adoption centre employee.

The adoption centre is home to orphans under six years old. Sources from the Kanker police said the Programme Manager, Seema Dwivedi, has been involved in several such incidents before this, but no action was taken against her, raising questions about the safety and well-being of the children living there. They added that the adoption Centre has a CCTV camera, but Dwivedi would turn it off at night.

In the video, Dwivedi is seen hitting a little girl, holding her by the hair and then flinging her to the floor. As the girl screams and cries, Dwivedi lifts her up once more, throws her onto the bed and thrashes her again. Two employees of the centre are seen walking by, but neither of them intervene.

Dwivedi then orders another girl to come close to her, says something to the child and begins assaulting her. She then hurls her onto the bed and hits her repeatedly. The video ends with Dwivedi shouting at the crying children and then walking away.

After the video came to light, Kanker district collector Dr Priyanka Shukla today ordered an FIR against Dwivedi. 

Police sources said several employees had complained against Dwivedi in the past. Instead of action being taken against Dwivedi, however, eight employees who had opposed her behaviour were sacked. They said a complaint was made to the Women and Child Development Department as well, but Dwivedi escaped punishment, emboldening her. 

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