Video: Moose Walks Into A Movie Theatre In US, Snacks On Popcorn

Video: Moose Walks Into A Movie Theatre In US, Snacks On Popcorn

The moose entered Kenai Cinemas at around 9 pm on April 19

A movie theatre in Alaska, US had an unexpected guest show up at the cinema. A moose was caught on CCTV wandering into a cinema and munching on some popcorn. According to a report by KTUU, the young moose entered the Kenai Cinemas at around 9 pm and was there for about 5 minutes.

The video which is going viral across social media platforms shows a young moose sniffing around the concession stand before locating an abandoned tray of popcorn. The animal did not stop there, it turned to a garbage can for more food and even got its nose stuck inside McDonald’s Happy Meal box.

Watch the video here:

Ricky Black, the general manager at Kenai Cinemas told KTUU, “Our popcorn had him enticed. He was pretty focused on that. I guess he was tired of eating bark for the winter.”

In the video, one employee can be seen recording a video of the moose. The employee can be heard calling for manager Ricky Black who said he was working upstairs at the time, according to UPI.

“She was behind the counter. She wasn’t in immediate danger from the moose,” Mr Black told the Alaska Daily News of the employee. “And she’s like, ‘Stop laughing. This is serious.'”

The employees shouted at the moose and even banged on walls until it left the building.

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