Video: “Slave” – US Woman Yells Racist Slurs At Cab Driver, Uber Reacts


The video appears to start shortly after the confrontation began.

A video of a US woman shouting racist abuses at her Uber driver has gone viral on social media and left the Internet seething. In the video, the woman can be seen having a loud argument with a Black man, purportedly her Uber driver, on a sidewalk in Cathedral Heights in DC before using the racial slur.

The video, recorded by a woman from the building next to the sidewalk, shows the two in an altercation with the car parked on the side of the street and with its door open.

Disclaimer: The video contains abusive/racist language.

The video appears to start shortly after the confrontation began. The woman can be heard calling the man a “psycho” and asking him to “take his medication.”

“I am your boss. I employ you. I am your boss,” she can be heard shouting repeatedly, before yelling the racial slur at him and trying to walk away.

As the man reacts, she goes on to repeat the slur several times before calling the driver a “slave.” The woman recording the video can be heard gasping and questioning the racist tirade.

The video has been viewed over 2.8 million times on Twitter, with most viewers demanding police action against the woman while others trying to identify her.

Uber has responded to the clip saying that it is looking for more information on the driver to investigate the incident. “Behavior like this is never okay. We have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination. If you have more information about the Uber rider or driver please DM us so we can investigate this,” it said in a tweet.

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