Viral: How Cardi B’s Security Guard Enjoyed A Fun Ride With A Poker Face


Being part of the security detail of a high-profile person, for instance a celebrity, could give a sense of pride. However, the flip side is wide ranging. One of it is that the person can’t enjoy a fun ride, too, even if they are a part of it. Constantly watching over the celebrity can be daunting, taking the fun out of the joy ride. A security officer of American rapper Cardi B had a similar experience recently. He had accompanied Cardi B and her daughter, Kulture, to an amusement park. However, he could not even enjoy the fun ride and his expression said it all.

A video that captured his expression has now gone viral on the Internet. It showed Cardi B, 29, and her daughter, 3, in a pink teacup ride. While there was enough room for a third person, the guard rode in a separate blue teacup.

In the video, we can see everyone else enjoying the ride and shouting, but the guard looked intense, his eyes scanning the whole area with great precision.

The video has received 9.3 million views and retweeted more than 57,000 times. And, while the guard was doing his job, many people found this weird. Some of them have reacted hilariously to the guard’s expression.

“Cardi and Kulture having the time of their lives then it pans to the security with a straight face,” said the user who shared the video above.

“I wonder why security always looks stern like that. I’d enjoy protecting a celeb. There would always be a smile on my face,” another user added.

Another user suggested the guard wanted to laugh “so bad” but he did not.

Check some more reactions here:

Don’t you think all guards should find a way to enjoy themselves while they perform their duty? For instance, a small laugh would not have harmed Cardi B’s guard. Would it?

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