Viral: Mother Sends Detailed Holiday Plan To Children, Internet Wants To Be A Part Of It Too

Viral: Mother Sends Detailed Holiday Plan To Children, Internet Wants To Be A Part Of It Too

Mr El-Khatib’s with his mother.

With Christmas and New Year approaching, many people have started making plans- parties, family dinners, elaborate gatherings and what not. Some people take the plans a notch higher with detailed arrangement of the activities. Sharing a similar instance, a US based writer Khalid El-Khatib shared a “home for the holidays” email sent by his mother. 

Mr El-Khatib took to Twitter to share screenshots of his incredibly thorough and detailed itinerary. Sharing the screenshot, he wrote, “My mom’s annual “home for the holidays” email to me and my siblings just dropped. An incredibly thorough, detail-rich look ahead at how it’s possible for me to gain 15 lbs in one week.”

Mr El-Khatib’s mother has planned a week’s worth of events and dinners building up to Christmas in the detailed email. It akal includes food options for each meal as well as plans for events like manicures, bourbon tastings and dressing up. Other family members have been urged to provide ideas for the Christmas planning.

In another tweet, the writer shared the Christmas day menu on the request of many internet users. “For those you asking, here is the rest of the absolutely unhinged Christmas Day menu (a day in which I always slip into a food coma and then my mom yells at me for falling asleep and “wasting Christmas”),” he wrote and attached a screenshot of the menu.

The tweet was shared two days ago and has amassed over a lakh likes and four thousand retweets. 

“Holiday mom goals,” said one person.

One user commented, “Listen…Tell your mother and siblings they’ve got a new daughter/sister now. I’m coming over. I’m not coming empty-handed. I’m bringing the roasted, whole (gigantic) snapper, jerk chicken wings, and corn casserole.”

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“Does your Mom adopt random people?” asked a third. 

Another user remarked, “”Is there any interest in a Bourbon tasting?” Your mother is a national treasure.”

“I am taking notes for next year from your mom. That’s incredible,” commented another person. 

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